Beau + Allison

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The Boneville Salt Flats - UT

When Alex had originally reached out to me about shooting her wedding in Colorado this summer, she mentioned her and Beau had recently moved to Utah. I’ve been DYING to shoot at the Salt Flats for years and was hoping this was going to be the time! I eagerly responded to her inquiry telling her all about how bad I’ve been wanting to shoot there and she responded saying, “You just gave me chills because that was my exact thought!” Before I know it - I was on my way to Utah and this magic happened.

The Salt Flats was seriously one of the coolest freaking places I’ve ever been to. It’s literally incredible. It’s just salt for as far as you can see with this insane view of the mountains and I just believe everyone needs to go see it with their own eyes. Not only is the location incredible, but these two are seriously to-die-for. We had such a fun time running around until the sun went down. Now I’m here counting down the days until their perfect Colorado wedding!

FOREVER grateful for this job of mine + all the places it’s taken me & all the perfect humans I’ve gotten to work with. Hope you love these as much as I do.


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