Chase + Dalia

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Napa - CA

My boyfriend, Gerry, moved to Colorado from Napa almost three years ago when a culinary job brought him out here to open a new restaurant in Colorado Springs! Over the course of the last few years of him and I being together, we’ve travel to Napa quite a bit to spend time with his sweet little three year old daughter. Every time we go out there I get to meet more of his friends & family and it’s SUCH a blast.

In August we went out to Napa and I actually got to ATTEND a wedding. What the heck, right? Some of our dear friends, Chase & Dalia, got married on Dalia’s (who has her own badass blog - linked here) family’s vineyard - Ceja Vineyards (linked here). It was the most perfect ceremony, weather, day, everything and it was sooo nice to kick back and actually enjoy a wedding day!

The following Sunday, the Ceja’s hosted a post wedding day brunch that my amazing chef of a boyfriend cooked paella for. Dalia asked me if I would capture a few moments from that day (of course I said yes) and we all had the BEST TIME EVER. We ate the best food, drank the best wines from Ceja Vineyards (their rose + pinot noir is literally to die for) and I just had one of the best weekends of my whole life.

It’s rare for me to blog aspects like this of my life, but it’s just too fun to not share. Plus I’m in some of these pics too, so why the heck not! So here’s my little blog post highlighting my second life in Napa!

ALSO. If you’re into paella or just good food in general, my boyfriend has a catering company - Castro Catering (linked here)! He will cater in both Napa & Colorado - so if you’re looking for the best wedding food, rehearsal dinner food, or any kind of private event you’ve got going on - run, don’t walk & book him!!! His paella is also TO DIE FOR and he’ll make you sangria and who doesn’t want that. Am I right or am I right?


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