The Diamond Reserve

Video by Kathryn Majic / BLNK Films

Evergreen - CO

One of my boss babe friends, Kaeleigh, owns a custom design diamond company in Denver called The Diamond Reserve. Back in September (aka the good ol’ days when everything wasn’t dead and sad in CO) Kaeleigh brought a group of us together and we made this dreamy vision from heaven come to life for a centerfold feature in a Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. Kaeleigh knew she wanted a motorcycle and wanted it to be super badass and I’m just so stoked with what we were all able to create.

Kaeleigh is absolutely amazing at what she does (as I’m sure you can tell by this freaking AMAZING ring). She puts so much work into everything she creates and uses the best and most beautiful GIA certified diamonds I ever did see. SO. If you’re looking for an amazing diamond broker in Colorado - look no further because The Diamond Reserve is your go-to place. They’ll treat you like gold and make all of your hopes and dreams come true.

I’m ALSO so happy I got to work with my other amazing boss babe friend, Kathryn, for this shoot. Kathryn owns a videography company called BLNK Films and she is also beyond amazing at what she does. I love working with Kathryn because she pours her heart and soul into every single story she tells. It’s rare you’ll ever find me watching one of her videos dry-eyed and if you watched her video above, I’m sure you can see why. Watching her take complete creative control for this shoot and just do what she wanted was the best. Like really - how freaking amazing is this video though?

Everything about this shoot was my favorite and I’m so happy I got to work with such amazing babes to make it all come to life. We were lucky enough to have Tori with Bronze & Beautiful do hair & make-up and Midnight Rambler Boutique styled this shoot with the BEST outfits. If you’re in the Denver area looking for some cute stuff - deffffffinitely go check them out!

With all that being said - I hope you love this magic as much as we all did. Full list of vendors is below!


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